1. Sometimes things crash before they get off the ground. It doesn’t mean anything went wrong. Kicked out on the side of the road, you’ll learn this time, kid. I hear the view is nice once you get to the end of the tunnel.

2. Sometimes things need to take on a new meaning. It doesn’t mean the original had expired. You know best after all.

3. This part wasn’t on the map, but it wouldn't have helped anyway. Sometimes I forget to consider an important possibility. It doesn’t mean it would’ve worked out any better in my head.

4. Rip the bandaid off, but don’t play with the scab. “This might hurt a little.” Sometimes you need a distraction from what’s been distracting you for the last 30 days, 12 hours, 20 minutes, and 47 seconds.

5. There is no such location as too-far-gone. Memories can always be recovered. No reason to delete them, you might need them later.

6. Thanks for everything. What I was going to say isn’t important anymore. The horizon clears and I’m left with nothing but respect and support.