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in pursuit of a non-content/non-context architecture.

Maybe hindsight is 20/20, but the deep end gets pretty murky by the time you hit the bottom. You can fill your cache of random access memories to the very top, but when it spills over, it has to go somewhere. Out of sight of course, but where to then?

From a sea of forgettable buildings something foreign and something familiar emerged. It didn’t seem to have anything to say so much as it was trying to not say anything at all. A camouflaged ugly duckling chimera of sorts. A mannerist composition of post-industrial shrapnel, to put it plainly. Frustratingly, its careful sculpting was not enough to muster a unique identity - more than just a knock-off but not much of a good idea.

Inside, the wreckage had taken on a new life, now estranged from its original functions and forms. Without the restraint of familiar pragmatics, exuberant ideas of gravity, tectonics, and material came forward. Through the collapse of the same context, entirely different realities transpired on the outer face and the inner sanctum, to the point that they may never realign. No longer context, no longer content.

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005:\ H01 \ CHUNK-001.model